Josh The Magic Man

Jakarta Magician - Jakarta's English speaking entertainer
Book him now for wedding receptions, corporate events, birthday parties and more!

From Youtube to 
the World

When he was little, Josh's mom taught him to share his nice things with everyone. So when he began performing tricks, he wanted to share them with anyone and everyone. 

It is so great that we have technology and the internet where we can share our lives with everyone around the world. 

Josh the Magic Man learns new tricks all the time and doesn't want his friends all around the world to miss out on them. 

Thanks to Youtube, Josh can record his performances and allow all his friends and their friends and so on to see Josh's magic.

Josh the Magic Man's Youtube

Josh the Magic Man - Videos

RIVA Bar Grill & Terrace

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Red String Trick ---- (Warning: Rated PG)

Motorcycle Trick

Firearm Trick

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