Josh The Magic Man

Jakarta Magician - Jakarta's English speaking entertainer
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Who Is Josh the Magic Man?

Josh believes in building relationships with his clients. The following is a short personal bio.

In 2005, Josh Sihombing, only a freshman in Cherry Creek High School, went on vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to see his very first magic show performed by master magician Lance Burton. He was so inspired by what he saw that immediately after the show, he ran to the magic shop and bought his very first illusion. He then returned to Denver, Colorado, where he began showing his friends in school his new trick. His friends were so mesmerized that Josh continued on to master his skill and daily show his friends new things.

Eventually, Josh began to recieve phone calls from parents asking him to perform at their child's birthday parties. Parents at these parties were so amazed at what they saw that they immediately started booking him for their business parties, church gatherings, and even at their adult birthday parties!

In December of 2008, nearly 3 years after Josh began his magic career, his dream came true. When he first saw Lance Burton perform on a stage for hundreds of people, he was determined that he wanted to do the same. On December 1st, 2008, Josh the Magic Man held his very first one hour stage magic show in front of 900 people. That night, he partnered with the Muscular Dystrophy Ascociation and raised over $2,500. Every cent from ticket sales was donated to supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Ascociation (you can learn more about the MDA here). 

Throughout the years, Josh was called to perform at gatherings all over Denver, Colorado, USA. In 2012, he  made a decision to move halfway around the world to Jakarta, Indonesia, the place where he was born. He plans on sharing the same smiles he was able to give in America to his home counrty of Jakarta, Indonesia. Josh continues to delight his friends and family by continually developing new ways to amaze and astound. 

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Why Choose Him?

Josh is not just your typical "pick a card" magician. He would rather be known as an entertainer. He uses normal everyday objects and performs amazing illusions that are sure to astound. His goal is to complement the occasion, not be the center of it. Whether it be a birthday party or a wedding reception, Josh's unique personality will make guests, both young and old, feel comfortable and entertained. He has been performing professionally at small and large venues for over 6 years (as of 2014)  and knows how to handle any type of crowd and person. Book Josh the Magic Man now and you will have an experience that you will never forget.

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